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Welcome to our new Candidate Spotlight! Thanks for visiting! We've highlighted this month's top six candidates and share their details with you here. We have many other professional and experienced individuals with whom we are working to build their careers. We understand how important it is to find someone with not only the right education, experience and skill set, but also to ensure that values and 'soft skills' are in alignment with your business environment. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you. Cheers!

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Why we are different

We listen differently. We are really good at narrowing down what exactly our client is looking for in a candidate. We listen closely, not with the intent to reply but to hear what is being said with the intent to understand. We’ve been told we are the first recruiter who is actually listening. 

We vet differently. We have the initial interest exploratory conversation. We have a Bermuda-specific conversation if the person is overseas. We involve our Advisory Board for very senior executive hires. We really get to know our candidates. 

We encourage you look at things differently. Together, we make a real difference to your business. Where it matters. After all, until you start doing it differently, you are in for more of the same.

Our support of our candidates’ career advancement is different in that we take a long view. We really care about our candidate’s career progression. We have been told that we are truly honest, that we’re not just ticking boxes, that we are the first recruiter they have met to have their best interests at heart. 



What we bring to the table!

Elevate Executive Selection is a boutique firm with offices in Bermuda and overseas. Our entire team has over 125 years of combined recruitment and industry experience in delivering the very highest calibre of service to our clients. Through our local presence and established global network, Elevate Bermuda offers tailored solutions to leading international companies based in Bermuda.

Shaun brings you over 15 solid years of both agency and corporate recruitment with strengths being in Finance, IT and Healthcare.  Always trying to stay ahead of the game, Shaun looks to anticipate and meet his clients' needs through attraction and recruitment of candidates at all levels of the business.  Shaun truly focuses on building relationships with both candidates and clients to better assist in meeting both their needs.

Sarah has worked in Executive Search for over 5 years, recruiting c-suite executives for multinational organisations across sub-Saharan Africa as well in Bermuda. With a Bachelor’s degree in English and Organisational Psychology from Rhodes University in South Africa, Sarah has a keen interest in what makes people tick and how to ensure a good cultural fit between candidate and client. Prior to working in executive search and selection roles, Sarah worked for Accenture in London, where she worked in the Capital Markets marketing team focused on building relationships between senior executives.


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